Michael Intal Magcamit

Michael Intal Magcamit

Lecturer in Security Studies

University of Leicester


Hello! I’m Michael Magcamit, Lecturer in Security Studies in the School of History Politics and International Relations (HyPIR) at the University of Leicester. Before joining HyPIR in June 2021 I was a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at the Queen Mary University of London (2019-2021) and where I am also currently a Visiting Research Fellow (2021-2023). Prior to moving to the UK in 2019 I was an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Musashi University in Tokyo Japan (2016-2019) and taught International Relations courses on a joint program between the University of London (LSE) and Musashi. I am the author of, among others, Ethnoreligious Otherings and Passionate Conflicts (OUP 2022) and Small Powers and Trading Security (Palgrave/Springer 2016).

My area of expertise is International Security, specifically on issues concerning Conflict and Peace, International Trade and Development, and Foreign Policy with a specialist focus on the Asia-Pacific.


Growing up in a highly unequal society in the Philippines it has become my advocacy to dedicate my research works to providing a more holistic, nuanced and useful understanding of security and insecurity both from the perspectives and experiences of state units and human societies. As such, my research sits at the intersection of International Security, Conflict, Development, and Foreign Policy Studies with a specialist focus on East and Southeast Asia.

These are categorised into three research strands, namely:

At the core of each strand are three fundamental questions that tie them together: For whom is security? What does it mean to be secure? And how should security be pursued? My goal is to contribute to the theoretical development and empirical advancement of a critical, inclusive, and postcolonial view of security and insecurity.

Recent Publications

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(2022). Ethnoreligious Otherings And Passionate Conflicts. Oxford University Press.

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(2016). East and South China Seas Maritime Dispute Resolution and Escalation: Two Sides of the Same Coin?. Journal of Asian Security and International Affairs.

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(2015). A Costly Affirmation: Exploring Malaysia's One-Sided Domestic Security Dilemma. Asian Affairs: An American Review.

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I am keen on supervising prospective PhD students who are interested in doing research on the following thematic subjects (with specialist focus on East and Southeast Asia):

  • Ethnoreliogious Otherings, Violent Conflicts, and Affective Peacebuilding
  • The Security Politics and Political Economy of International Trade
  • Emotions, Populism, and Foreign Policy
  • Religion and Nationalism


I am currently (co)convening the following modudes at HyPIR Leicester:

  • PL7168 Security Studies (MA, co-covenor)
  • PL3151 East Asian International Relations (BA Year 3, lead covenor)
  • PL2018 International Security Studies (BA Year 2, lead convenor)

Press and media

I will be happy to share my insights on current issues concerning Southeast Asian politics and conflicts and Asia-Pacific foreign policy and international trade. Below are examples of my engagement activities:





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